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Trucks are designed to handle all sorts of troubles, especially hauling cargoes. On the other hand, natural elements like extreme temperatures, corrosion, oxidation, sun (UV light), rain, and so forth can also spell troubles.

Obviously, the truck bed suffers a lot of pressure since you’ll always have something to load in and out of the truck, which means adequate protection and proper maintenance can not be overemphasized. This is where a bed liner comes in handy.

What is a bed liner?

Bedliners are designed to protect the truck bed to help preserve your truck bed’s utility for an extended period. The bed liner is designed to shield your truck’s inner side from damage and create a skid-resistant surface that ensures your cargo stays in place based on the circumstances.


Usually, people are tough on these vehicles, which is why using a bed liner will offer you the much-needed toughness, longevity, and durability.

These truck bed liners are available in several forms, from a fast DIY job to a high-pressure spray-on system, but ultimately depends on the level of abuse of the truck.

However, most new truck owners can find it a bit tricky to pick the right liner type or brand to opt for. Several key factors, such as convenience, durability, looks, and price, ensure you make a smart decision.

How does a bed liner work?

Bedliners add a skid-proof surface to help reduce the movement of your cargo to protect not only the items themselves but also the inner surface of the truck. Plus, this product reduces vibrations and acts as shock absorbers to offer additional cargo protection.

More so, if your truck lacks a canopy, then your truck bed will likely get damaged by elements. With bed liner, you can keep the metal away from the element and prevent rust and other damage that shortens your truck’s life. That’s not all: bed liners protect the underlying surfaces from scratches and dents, dog attacks, and explosions.

Undercoating vs. Bedliner; What is the difference?

Bedliners and undercoating offer an extra layer of protection from rot, dust, moisture, and mold. They protect your truck from paint chips, scratches, and dents. However, undercoating can be expensive, especially if it has to be done by professionals since its cost can go as high as hundreds of dollars for a session.

On top of that, it takes a while before your truck is completely undercoated. However, there’s a quick-dry undercoat option, which is cheaper and easy to do it yourself. Another incredible feature undercoating offer is reducing road-noise since the undercarriage of trucks can get noisier due to wear and rust.

Type of Bedliner

As said earlier, there are different ways to bedline your truck to keep its prestige condition. While you can go for affordable aftermarket rubber mats, they can be ineffective.
So, it’s important to consider the following variations for fantastic protection and a good fit.

Drop-In Liners

A lot of manufacturers prefer this two-truck bed liner application since it offers a less permanent solution without having to break the bank.

With this option, no need for any special preparation, and removing it is hassle-free. The drop-in liner features a plastic structure that drops nicely into place on your truck and bolts to ensure it stays in place. Also, this liner is available in a wide range of sizes.


  • Easy to replace
  • Affordable option
  • Hard plastic for hauling huge objects
  • Ideal for hiding any current damage on the bed


  • Wears and tears after a prolonged use
  • Water tends to seep through the liner underneath, causing the truck bed to corrode.

Spray-in Liners

Spray-in liners offer more protection and a permanent solution. Using this option requires a bit of preparation beforehand. While it’s advisable to call a professional to get it done, a spray-on bed liner kit is a smart decision for DIYers.

Keep in mind that you need to prepare the truck bed before applying the spray-on solution, which usually takes up to a day to correctly get the job done. Unlike drop-in liners, this model does not trap water between the liner and truck bed.


  • The liner does not fall out or break.
  • Gritty texture for slip-free performance
  • Impressive durability
  • Available in different colors to match your truck


  • On the pricey side, if there’s a need to re-do it.
  • This spray-in bed liner is affected by environmental conditions.


These models are made from polypropylene and polyester fiber covering. Truck bed rugs are easy to lay to offer a custom fit since it stretches onto the sides and tailgate.
More so, they offer impressive versatility, come with a more affordable price tag compared to spray-on bed liners, and require no prep time.


  • Looks nice
  • Harmless to the bed finish
  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable option
  • Mold onto the bed to ensure nothing gets underneath


  • Not as durable as spray-on or drop-in liners for hauling heavy loads

Bed Mats

When it comes to price, this model comes with the cheapest price tag. It’s made of recycled rubber, which makes it indispensable. If you prefer to have a temporary fixture that rolls in and out for easy cleaning, a bed mat is an ideal solution. This liner keeps the bed protected to prevent heavy loads from causing damage to the truck bed’s metal.


  • Cheapest option
  • Very versatile
  • Easy to remove


  • Time-consuming to maintain
  • Tend to trap water underneath
  • Requires constant cleaning

What type of bed liner is the best?

We’ve discussed the different types of bed liners to help you make the right decision for your truck bed. Definitely, any of the above liners will keep your vehicle protected, and whichever model you choose to purchase might be based on your pocket.


Making the right choice can be a tricky task and depends on what you use your truck for. Nevertheless, for overall protection and longevity, your best bet is the spray-on liner. But if you use your truck for easy loads, then the drop-in liner is a smart decision.

You might want to consider the bed mats and bed rug if ease of use and maintenance are a priority for you. Regardless of the liner, you opt for, owning one will ensure your truck prestige is preserved.

Should You Bedline Your Truck?

If your truck hardly suffers from extreme weather, UV rays, dust, abrasions, dents, and scratches, then you don’t need to line your vehicle. But, if protecting your truck to ensure it looks its best for an extended period, then you should consider investing in a truck bed liner.

Also, using a bed liner that matches the color of your truck can enhance not only its appearance but also its performance.

Benefits of Using a Bed Liners

Truck owners are aware that their vehicle is a big investment, which means it requires proper maintenance and adequate protection to keep it in tip-top shape. One of many ways to achieve this is by using a truck bed liner.
However, if you are still wondering whether investing in a vehicle liner is necessary at all, here’s a list of reasons why installing a bed liner can be a smart decision.

Protection from damage

Using a bed liner will protect your truck bed from dents and scratches, as well as extreme weather conditions, corrosion, and rust.

Cargo protection

Some bed liners are designed to protect your cargo from dents and abrasions and ensure it remains firm during transportation, thanks to its slip-free texture to prevent sliding while the vehicle is in motion.

Comfortable ride

This is another reason to invest in a bed liner. It helps to dead the sound and less vibration to ensure your ride can be much quieter and smoother. Also, it eliminates any worries about the object clattering in your vehicle’s bed.


On top of that, this product offers a lot of incredible performance features but also ensures that your truck looks great. It helps neatens your vehicle’s overall look.

How can you bedline?

How you bedline your truck depends on the kind of liner you decide to purchase: bed mat, drop-in, brush-on, or spray-on. Therefore, it’s important to read the instruction by the manufacturer in order to ensure a successful installation of the bed liner.

Also, keep in mind that some bed liner types are easier to install compared to others, which should be a major factor if you are a DIYer. For example, applying a spray bed liner requires expertise to ensure it’s correctly done.

However, wet bed liners are easy to install using a brush, roller, or spray. You can add textured protective coating layers onto your truck bed to suit your truck’s color. But for carpeted, plastic, or rubber bed liners, it requires a manual fit against the contours of your truck.