Best Drop-in Bedliner – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020)


Have you at any point thrown objects in your truck and heard scratching sounds coming from it?

If yes, then it is time you considered investing in the best drop-in bed liners. This will protect your truck bed from any physical damage. You will be able to shift your cargo more efficiently.

A good bed liner is the best line of defense between your truck’s exterior and the objects you are carrying. What then makes the best bed liner? In this article on the best drop-in Bedliner, we will explore the best bedliners for you.

Best Drop-in Bedliner Reviews – (Updated)

1. Penda 63016SRX Bed Liner


  • It endures skid twice as much as spray-on or other drop-in bed liners
  • It has a ribbed design that safeguards against scratches and dents
  • It is built with a gutter to drain water from the bed
  • The bed liner is light weighing only 30 pounds
  • The Installation process is so simple
  • No drill installation is required
  • It has several molded-in board holders that increase your cargo’s stability. This feature is not found on alternative bed liners
  • The bed liner has pre-cut holes for LED lights


  • One main challenge with the Penda 63016SRX Bed Liner is that it doesn’t have a good fit in certain areas


The Penda 63016SRX bed liner is meant for the Ford squad. You can choose this brand if you own the Ford F-250/350. It is the perfect blend between functionality and aesthetics.

For starters, the Penda 63016SRX bed liner has a skid-resistant bottom and top. Your cargo will be safe on the top and stay in its place during transportation. The drop-in install feature gives you the luxury to spend fewer hours doing the installation.


2. BedRug Full Bedliner BRQ15SCK


  • It has an anti-skid that is resistant to UV and stain
  • Oil, battery acid and bleach are easily washed off
  • It has a rugged construction for handling heavy cargo
  • It is molded perfectly to fit your truck#
  • The ¾-inch thick cushioned floor is ideal for knees, pets and cargo
  • It can handle heavy cargo due to its rugged construction
  • Oil, battery acid and bleach are easily washed off
  • The ¾-inch thick cushioned floor is ideal for knees, pets and cargo
  • Its surface prevents stains and UV radiations
  • It is molded well to fit your truck


  • None


This is one of the best truck bed liners available on the market. You should check it out if you want something that offers comfort to your knees and protects your cargo and truck. The bedrug bed liner is made for 100% polypropylene. It can stand even the harshest conditions, including gravel or battery acid.

The BedRug Full Bedliner is molded to fit your truck model well. After installing this bed liner, you will get a surface that allows factory tie-downs and easy access to accessories.
It is also made with a non-skid surface for keeping your cargo in the right place. The built-in hinge prevents any debris from collecting. It is also made from a UV resistant material that prevents any fading.

The foam used to make this bed liner doesn’t cause mildew or absorb water. In case water enters the truck, it will run through the perimeter, then out of the truck through drain holes. As a result, your vehicle can dry within 20 minutes. When you want to clean it, you can just use a power or vacuum washer.


3. Dee Zee DZ86928 Heavyweight Bed Mat


  • It has custom-fit applications
  • Made from rubber materials that deflect UV rays
  • Extra thick (9.52mm) Nyracord ® Rubber Compound Construction.
  • The Dee Zee is made from highly compressed and thick rubber materials
  • It is resistant to fuel spills, UV rays, and tears
  • The Product is cheap for its quality
  • It is highly durable
  • It is custom fit


  • Materials fell like hard plastic
  • Doesn’t support all models of pickups


The Dee Zee DZ86928 Heavyweight Bed Mat is one of the bed liners used all over the world. It works great by ensuring that your truck surface doesn’t sustain scratches and dents.

This Product is long-lasting compared to other brands in its category. This is because it is constructed from the Nyracord, a rubber compound which is extra thick material.

The Product is well known for resisting abrasion, breakage, cracking, and tear. It even resists fuel and oil spills. On the underside of this material, you have rubber cleats that promote water drainage.


4. Bedrug Bed Mat Universal Size BMX00D


  • It endures skid twice as much as spray-on or other drop-in bed liners
  • It has a ribbed design that safeguards against scratches and dents
  • It is built with a gutter to drain water from the bed
  • It is suitable for exterior use
  • It offers the best water drainage
  • The bed liner is skid proof
  • It is also easy to clean


  • When installing the bed mat, you have to drill holes


The Bedrug Bed Mat Universal is the best option for you if you are sure of your truck size. This bed liner is more comfortable to cut and fit into your truck area. It is chemical resistant, affordable, waterproof, and slip-resistant. However, it is only available in plastic drop-in liners.

This bed liner is designed with the ability to protect against scratches, dents, chemicals, and other damages. It is also easy to clean. Since the material doesn’t absorb water, you don’t need to worry when you are caught up in the rain.

Since the Bedrug Bed Mat Universal is constructed from 100% propylene, it offers resistance towards UV rays. It also ensures that your goods remain intact when you are transporting them. It is one of the lightest and strongest best mat that you can come across.


5. Dura-Liner Truck Bed Liner


  • It has a quick and straightforward installation process
  • Has a non-skid rubber truck mat
  • It is custom-designed to match and fit any surface
  • It has a quick and straightforward installation process
  • It comes with a rubber truck bet mat to protect your vehicle from the cargo
  • It is designed to protect your vehicle from ultraviolet sunlight
  • The bed liner is resistant to chemical spills and gasoline
  • It offers skid resistance


  • None


If you love fitting your truck with quality bed liners, then the Dura-liner truck bed liner has got you covered. This Product is designed to match and perfectly fit any truck.

The Dura-liner bed liner comes with a non-skid rubber truck bed mat to keep your cargo in position during transportation. You will also enjoy an easy installation process. We recommend this bed liner for you if you are not experienced with the installation of bed liners.


6. BedRug Bed Mat BMC07LBS


  • Stain and chemical resistant
  • It is waterproof
  • Has 100% polypropylene which is a non-skid fiber
  • It is cushioned and knees friendly
  • Designed to fit over spray-on bed liners and also without an existing bed liner
  • They can withstand massive impacts, harsh weather, and chemical spills.
  • It can fit any truck
  • It is easy to clean
  • The bed liner is made from100% polypropylene having a non-skid texture
  • Can be dropped on bare beds


  • It can easily hold water under the mat
  • It is not thick enough


If you love a bed liner that provides superior comfort, then the BedRug Bed Mat BMC07LBS has got you covered. It is well cushioned to give support to your knees.

The Product is also made from 100% polypropylene. This is a fiber material that is resistant to skidding and slipping. This bed liner is waterproof and resistant to both stain and chemicals. It is, therefore, the ideal bed liner for exterior use.


7. Westin 50-6475 Bed Mat Black Finish


  • It has a ribbed non-slip surface
  • Made from 100% recycled rubber
  • It has a custom fit design to offer maximum protection
  • It has a custom shaped bed protection that fits perfectly
  • It can be recycled thus being environment friendly
  • It is made with a ribbed texture that makes it non-slip
  • The bed liner is easy to install
  • It can be used for heavy cargo transport


  • None


Westin 50-6475 Bed Mat Black Finish is designed to preserve the value of your truck. It ensures that there is no contact between the cargo you are transporting and your vehicle, thus preventing any damage.

The Product is made from 100% recycled rubber, meaning it is in an excellent position to endure the toughness of your cargo. It is also has a ribbed surface, which ensures that the cargo stays in its place during transportation. The bed liner comes with a custom fit design that covers the whole truck bed for maximum protection


8. Bedrug BMC19CCS Mat-Non for Spray Liner


  • Has a non-skid fiber
  • Made with 100% polypropylene
  • Has a vehicle-specific fit
  • Superior comfort-Knee friendly and cushioned
  • It is waterproof and chemical resistant
  • It is resistant to harmful UV rays
  • It has a simple installation process
  • Works well with plastic bed liners
  • They are manufactured from slip and skid-free fibers
  • It is resistant to harmful chemicals


  • It is suitable for specific vehicles
  • It doesn’t cover the truck edges well


The bedrug for spray line is ideal for those who have a Spray Liner 19 GM Silverado/Sierra and want to upgrade it. It boasts a superior comfort with cushioning effect and ultra-thick knee protection. It is manufactured from 100% polypropylene, thus making it hard and durable.

This bed liner is designed for exterior use since it is waterproof. It is also resistant to stains or chemicals. You will have an easy time cleaning this brand of bed liner. All you need to do is to pour water on it and wipe it off.

The bedrug bed liner has one of the most straightforward installation processes. However, the length of the bed liner poses a serious issue. It doesn’t cover the edges of the truck.


9. Rough Country Rubber Bed Mat


  • Made from durable Nyracord rubber
  • Has a textured surface to provide a non-skid effect
  • It is thick and extra rugged
  • Superior tear strength
  • Backed by rough country’s lifetime warranty
  • It offers superior tear strength and abrasion resistance
  • It fits well on proper calibration
  • This model is made with a textured surface to provide a non-skid effect
  • It has an ultra-thick appearance
  • The mats fit firmly on the underside


  • None


The rough country rubber bed mat is manufactured from nyracord. It is, therefore, durable than most bed liners. This model is made with a surface that supports the least amount of load shifting. It is, therefore, an attractive model that you can consider to use for commercial purposes.

The rough country bet mat has a superior tear strength and abrasion resistance. Although it doesn’t have immediate results, you will appreciate its long term effects. It is also thick to ensure that your bed is free from mildew and rust.

One good thing about this model is that it doesn’t have any negative aspects or downside. However, you should pay serious attention to installation instructions to get the performance you desire.


10. BadDawng Accessories Bedliner


  • Made from 3/16″ Thick non-skid rubber
  • Has the BadDawng logo printed on it
  • Fits the Polaris Ranger 900 2014-2015
  • It provides full coverage for the whole bed
  • It has a non-skidding and slipping effect
  • It reduces sound upon impact
  • It offers bed protection against rust
  • It is easy to install


  • None


If you love efficient cargo transportation, then the BadDawng Bedliner has got you covered. It is made with a non-skid surface to keep your cargo in place during transport and storage.

It is also made with 3/16 inch thickness to provide comfort in the back during travel. The thickness also helps in absorbing sound upon impact to offer you a quiet travel.


Types of Truck Bed Liners

There are three basic types of bed liners:

Spray-in Bed Liners

This is one of the most popular bed liners among truck owners. However, it is hard to apply if you try it for the first time. To apply it well, you will need to sand your truck bed and then use a sprayer. You have to figure out a lot during the process.

Bed Mats

The second type of bed liner available is the best mat. The bed mats are more comfortable to install compared to spray-in liners. You can also choose from a variety of materials such as rubber, wood, and even synthetic fiber.

Any material you go with will be good enough for your vehicle. However, you should find before the type of materials that work well with your truck. A shortcoming of this bed liner is that it doesn’t cover the sides of the truck.

Bed Liners

If you are looking for a solution that offers full coverage, this is your best option. This bed liner covers everything from the wheels, tailgates, bed floors, and the sides.

Benefits of Using a Truck Bed Liner

A truck is a significant investment that requires constant care to keep it in great shape. To achieve this, you need the best bed liner available on the market. If you still unsure whether this is important, read on to understand the benefits of bed liners.

  • Protection from damage-A bed liner will protect your truck from dents, scratches, rust, extreme weather conditions, and corrosion.
  • Protection for your cargo-Bed liners also protects your cargo from dents and abrasions. It also holds during transportation to prevent sliding.
  • A comfortable ride-A bed liner is known to lessen vibrations and absorb the sound. You will end up enjoying a quieter and smoother ride. Objects will not clatter in the back of your truck.
  • Aesthetics-In addition to the above benefits, a bed liner will give your vehicle a great look. Your vehicle will be neat than ever.

Things to Consider When Buying Truck Bed Liner

As you have already seen, bed liners come in all sizes, shapes, and prices. You need to be careful when selecting a bed liner for your truck. We have compiled some factors that you should consider when choosing the best bed liner for your needs.

Drop-in or Spray-in

The first thing you should consider is whether you are interested in buying a drop-in or spray-in bed liner. The drop-in bed liner is more affordable and can be removed and installed with ease. You don’t need further modification on this bed liner, although you might be forced to drill holes for it to fit well.

A drop-in bed liner has an excellent structure. It is also suited to a specific model of trucks. The model is good at hiding dents and damages effectively. It also provides a non-skid effect. However, it rusts, wears out, and lets water through when it loosens.

With a spray-in bed liner, you spray a uniform coat on your truck and create a permanent bed liner in the process. Although these bed liners come in different formulations and are applied using different processes, they offer high performance.

They are durable and used on all types of surfaces. Some of the surfaces they can be applied to include fiberglass, concrete, metals, wood, and aluminum. For you to get a better grip, you need to clean up the surface before spraying. This bed liner requires proper sanding. If you make any mistake during installation, you might risk affecting its performance and durability.


The material you choose for your bed liner is also essential. However, it depends on a lot of factors. For instance, if your main intention is to prevent corrosion, you need to find a corrosion-resistant liner. If you are concerned about the UV rays, then you need to find UV resistant bed liner.

You should get bed liners with super durable materials if your truck is involved with heavy-duty hauling. You should buy a bed liner depending on the material that suits your requirements.

Type of Liner

You should be aware that there are removable liners and those that can’t be removed. If you go for a permanent liner like the brush liner, you should know that it cant be removed. However, you should go for a removable bed liner if you would want your original surface back again.


If there is one thing, that matter is the texture of your bed liner. You should go for a slick texture if you intend to load the cargo by sliding it into position. A more rigid bed liner will help if you need friction to keep things in place.


The installation of your bed liner needs to be as easy as possible. You should, therefore, buy bed liners that are easy to install and remove. It should not require a lot of effort or skill. Unless you want an expert to do the installation for you, you should find out the installation process in advance.


Maintenance is critical if you wish your truck bed liner to be durable and perform its functions efficiently. Proper maintenance will prolong the longevity of your bed liner. However, the maintenance process should never be a full-time job.

How to Apply Truck Bed Liner

The application of a bed liner depends on the type that you choose to apply. It is critical that you carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer on how to go about it. Since some bed liners are easier to install than others, you should factor it into your buying decision. For instance, you should use only a spray truck bed liner if you have enough expertise.

You can install a wet truck bed liner using a brush, roller, or spray. Plastic, rubber, and carpeted bed liners can always be added manually. If you are sure that you will not apply the bed liner effectively, you should ask for the services of an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a truck bed liner?
It is a protection used to coat a truck bed. It is in the form of a protective coating that you can add using a solid liner, brush, paint roller, or spray.

Is it necessary to use a truck bed liner?
It depends on your intentions. It is only necessary if you want to protect your truck from abrasions, dents, extreme weather, or UV rays. It is also essential if you want your vehicle to be durable.

Is it advisable to use the DIY spray?
DIY spray offers professional quality and is therefore highly advisable. A lot is involved when installing a bed liner, including sanding and prepping. With DIY, your truck will have a better look.

Can I use a bed liner spray on other surfaces?
Yes, you can. Some truck owners use it on the body of their vehicles.

How do I maintain a bed liner?
The best way to maintain a bed liner is to spray a protective coating on it.


What are you waiting for? Save both money and time by purchasing a bed liner that is within your budget. Protect your truck by buying the best drop-in bed liner on the market. Our best drop-in bed liner is the Bedrug full bed liner. This Product is designed to provide comfort to your knees and protect your cargo.

The bedrug bed liner is made for 100% polypropylene. It can stand even the harshest conditions, including gravel or battery acid. It is also made with an anti-skid surface that can resist stains and UV rays. No bed liner is better molded to fit your work than the bedrug full bed liner. We recommend this bed liner for heavy cargo transportation.